I have always been told that I was a natural born salesman. But the truth is, I never wanted to go into sales. It wasn’t until I worked for a national company called Hathaway specializing in marketing (which is a euphemism for selling) that I learned that in reality, everyone, in one form or another is in sales.

It was with Hathaway that I learned the art of closing. I had one of the highest closing rates, selling the most full-page ads and held the record for the most sold within a week! I was very good at getting appointments with important clients. I soon became a regional manager, hiring and training other salesmen.

Everything I know about closing, I learned while working for Hathaway. This experience taught me two very important concepts: Just before going into a presentation, visualize the client buying, and think of oneself not as a salesman, but as a storyteller. (Everyone dislikes a salesman, always trying to sell you something you don’t want. On the other hand, everyone loves a story teller.)

I’ve carried those lessons forward with me into Real Estate, where I’ve worked as a top buyer and seller agent in South Florida since 1996!

People want someone like me representing them, my clients are treated with importance and respect and they know they can trust me to lead them in the right direction, show them what needs to be done and execute. I have the experience, knowledge and execution skills to make things happen.

My goal in every transaction is to be someone you trust and want to work with and expand. I want to give everyone I work with interest and trust factor and value my opinion of what I have to say. I am here for my clients and making a difference every day with personal, exclusive, boutique service for everyone I work with!

Come have another peek at my office!


Leon Weinschneider is a star real estate agent in South Florida. His speciality in marketing properties to sell fast along with his personalized service and unbridled enthusiasm set him apart from any other agent.

He routinely gets closings on properties within 30 days of listing, at or above the asking price! This is due to his attention to detail and his positive problem-solving attitude, and the intention to make things happen! The South Florida real estate market is extremely dynamic, and working with a qualified agent like Leon is crucial!

“Telling isn’t selling. I am excited about the properties I represent and aim to find the qualities that are unique and interesting about every individual one and showcase them.”
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